Hard Water Removal

If you're like countless others, you've searched the internet through and through on a quest to find a company that can effectively remove hard water stains.

Our product is without all the smelly fumes and dangerous chemicals found in many other popular formulas.
Durning this search you've possibly even tried to mix up every combination from every YouTube video you can find, but still haven't been able to rid your shower doors or windows from the hard water stains that seem impossible to remove.

Well let me tell you that you need to look no further, you've found Oz Wash Cleaning! The company that can professionally and safely remove stubborn hard water stains and hard water spots from your windows, shower doors and sinks. See some of our clients are very particular, so we must be able to do the very best job to satisfy their requirements, and we want to do the same for you. Our professional window cleaning company Oz Wash Cleaning has been the proven grounds for the Ultimate Hard Water Stain Removing for the past couple of years.

See at Oz Wash Cleaning the product that we use to clean your hard water stains is not like most other hard water stain removers on the market. Most other cleaning chemicals are liquids and create fumes that you have to breathe in during the cleaning process. The solution that we use is safe, which is a bio-degradable powder that has no detectable odors or fumes. Trusted for years by hundreds of satisfied customers to get hard water stains and water spots off windows, shower doors, sinks and toilets, faucets and tile in both bathrooms and kitchens. You will be glad that you have found a company that can solve that problem for you. 

We are your Professional Hard Water Removal Company for Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, King City, Tualatin, Happy Valley, West Linn, Clackamas, Milwaukie, Raleigh Hills, Durham, Rivergrove, Garden Home and most other places in the Portland metro area.

*Payment is taken the day of your appointment on the spot after the work has been completed via cash, card, or checks made payable to Oz Wash