Soft Wash Service: Bring Your Home Back To Life!

Your roof is an expensive investment, especially if you have to replace it. We help keep that from happening by providing you with preventative maintenance.

The roof of your home can easily decrease the curb appeal of your house when green moss, mildew, black algae stains, fungus, and lichen take over. We safely wash your roof with soaps that are effective and safe, meaning they will not harm your home, plants, or pets.

The service requires the use of special equipment. It is called a Soft Wash because the pressure of the water isn't as great as a 4,200 PSI power washer as to not damage your roof or shingles. A solution gets distributed over the entire roof that soaks into the moss/mildew or fungus growth for about 20-30 minutes (which actually helps lift the growth up to the surface). For soft washing we use a detergent to kill the fungus and then rinse away the particles left over from that process.  This leaves your roof clean and renewed. 

This is an image of our solution being applied to a roof during the soft wash process, killing the unwanted growth within half an hour!

This is an image of our solution being applied to a roof during the soft wash process, killing the unwanted growth within half an hour!

We recommend scheduling a gutter cleaning service afterwards as debris can build-up in the gutters and downspouts after being washed off during the roof cleaning process.

As a side note, pricing for this type of service varies from house to house. With that said we like to offer a complimentary personal consultation were we come to meet with you and listen to what you need with the soft wash systems we employ. That way we are able to better gauge how we can make your roof or siding look like new. We take into consideration the amount of growth needed to be taken care of (like moss, lichen, black mold or anything else) that is on the roof or siding, difficulty of the roof and square footage that is needed to be sprayed is also taken into consideration.  We also want you, the end client, to be happy and know that you are always in good hands. That’s why we go the extra mile to meet with you in person to insure peace of mind and show you that we want to treat your home with the utmost care as if it was our own.

We are your siding washer/siding soft washer/ Roof washer/ Roof soft washer for Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, King City, Tualatin, Happy Valley, West Linn, Clackamas, Milwaukie, Raleigh Hills, Durham, Rivergrove, Garden Home and most other places in the Portland metro area.

*Payment is taken the day of your appointment on the spot after the work has been completed via: cash, card, or checks made payable to Oz Wash.